Sandy Dilley and Stacie Stone come on to discuss the pro-life/pro-choice debate.  This is one of the better episodes this season. Hopefully it’s clear after this episode that the biggest hurdle for the pro-choice movement is the fact that it’s misrepresented only as an exception – an exception that must […]

“But what if it’s rape or incest?”

Harold Shanks and Stacie Stone discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, the reactive All Lives Matter, and the concluding Blue Lives Matter argument.

“All Lives Matter”

Stacie Stone returns again to discuss the reactive complaint “not all men” and the Good Guy Syndrome.

“Not all men”

It all happens when a man and a woman who love each other very much come to decide they shouldn’t be together anymore and then talk shit about marriage!  Nicki Wright comes on to tell me where I went wrong with everything!

“The sanctity of marriage”

IsoundTaller comes back to discuss the effacement of one’s self and the repression of identity when it comes to labels of mental illnesses.  I don’t want to spoil anything for y’all but we definitely figure out our collective identity crisis on this one.

“But he seemed happy”: Labels and Identities

Katie Hardy and Jen Losey James of Suck It Suicide and Six Feet Over come on to discuss the disqualifying and invalidating ways in which mental health is discussed from outside. These wonderful people do great work and it’s quite clear in how they’re helping change the language that surrounds […]

“It could be worse”: Silver Linings

Alex Gara’s comes onto the show for the first time to discuss the significance behind addressing your habits as they are instead of repressing them with “good” acts or new habitual routines.  Taking a look at habits as inherently destructive to the body and or mind, and as an attempt […]

“Replace bad habits with good habits”

Stacie Stone returns to discuss the idea of “the Real Woman”: the morality behind the suggestion, the ethics of comparison, the idealized objectification, and behavioral expectation of women.  The stories get tangential to the argument but stay on theme, and will make you uncomfortable.

“The Real Woman”