Artist's rendering



 Andy reminds me a lot of the folks we pay too much attention to. He wastes his time and energy on things that expire: feelings, creativity, and people. His mind gently treads in that sweet spot of neurosis and egoism that keeps our attention. His wit and insights can match those of your favorite comedians and writers and when I put it like that you may ask, “Why waste my time listening to a nobody variation of the dozens of sociopathic white males of whom I already revere?” Well I have two answers for you: 1. Andy is a nobody. 2. You are a nobody. And that is why this relationship makes sense. Andy feels unaccomplished because he is unaccomplished. He doesn’t downplay his three seasons writing for Comedy Central and his two seasons on Conan. He isn’t afraid of women because the SNL star he was once engaged to cheated on him. He didn’t write Drake’s jokes for the ESPYS. Andy is a prolifically funny and interesting human being who isn’t a symbol of our best selfs. He is our current selfs. His tireless imagination and 6.5/10 philosophical grasps rearrange our life experiences and provide us with realer print and audio. You may be afraid to admit that. But he is not.

-APG, Chicago 2015