Season 2 kicks off with comedian Mike Evitts, whom joins me again to discuss the onset of political correctness, its opponents, and the recent violent outbursts against it.  Political correctness becomes a heavy theme and, subsequently, a topic of this season.  Almost like it just worked out that way!

“We’re becoming too PC”

Mike Prokic comes back with his brother Alex to defend moral absolutism, theism, and to discuss Alex’s journey away from and back to Christianity. This is the last episode of the first season.  Thank you so much to everyone who listened or is currently listening.  Season 2 is in the […]

“I don’t care what he believes in as long as ...

Comedians Heather Jay and Nicki Wright discuss being a woman in comedy today.  You can follow Nicki on Twitter here: @actualthingsaid and @ohthatnicki and Heather here: @heatherjayh  

“Women aren’t funny”

Craig Karfis and Matt Tankersley from Video Game Snobbery discuss sexism and violence in video games. You can listen to more of our work here:

“Video games are sexist”

Adam Sokol (of fame) joins me again.  This time to discuss the importance of language within comedy.  Does anything, in fact, “go” in comedy?  Well, Adam pretty much answers it right away and then I spend the rest of the episode trying to get him to give a different answer […]

“Anything goes in comedy”

Comedians Adam Sokol and Nicki Wright join me to discuss contemporary free speech, verbal oppression, honesty, and politeness.  It gets weird about the time we hit the word “effacement.” You can see their respective work below:

“You can’t say anything anymore”

Trevor Jelonek, or GoldBricksorGoHome, agreed to discuss if in fact everything does happen for a reason or not.  He’s on his way out to Los Angeles now – presumably because of this podcast and the doors it will certainly open.  We discuss the gamut of dinner conversation usuals like fate, […]

“Everything happens for a reason”